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Hello everyone! After a rough day(s) of attacks and hosting issues, we are finally up and running at full speed again. Thanks for your patience – I will reward you with these updates: XP Drops Performing actions such as cleaning herbs & creating darts/bolts will no longer stack up XP drops. It will only send […]

Hello everyone, It’s been a good weekend for us and we’ve hit new player peaks! Almost 100 online which is INSANE, so thank you for all the support! Today, I have an update adressing many issues and concerns of yours. I hope it will be satisfactory. They are as follows: Raid Fixes The Olm is […]

Hello everyone, Today I bring you some new content and essential game fixes! I have heard you out on many of your suggestions and your input – it’s really helpful, so keep posting anything you may find or want added in discord! I do my best to get to all of your requests. Anyway, todays […]

Hello everyone, Today I bring you a smaller update, adressing some important and much needed things. A bigger update log should be posted tomorrow. Anyway, the updates are as follows: Fixed Bloat’s flies hitting you when you hadn’t entered the arena yet. Fixed Olm objects spawning randomly for everyone, trapping them in place (was a […]

Tue 08-Sep-2020

  Hello everyone, Today I bring you another set of patch notes. I’m so motivated to bring you what you want when we’re receiving the support that we are currently – so keep the spirit up guys! Anyway, todays updates are as follows: AFK Zone To let you gain a little bit of passive XP […]

  Hello everyone, Thanks for the immense support we are receiving! Today I bring you some minor fixes, most importantly to NPC pathing. You should be a lot less likely to get dragged when using range or mage now. We are still investigating the FPS issues for users with 32-bit java. If you have client […]

  Hello everyone, We finally got the new host set up. This means we need to transfer the files so the server will be down for a few minutes. Restart your clients meanwhile. The lag issues will finally be fixed with this update. If your client is still laggy, I suggest you check out this […]

  Hello everyone, It was a rough launch. Our host wasn’t quite ready to take the heat and we have therefore ordered the setup of a BEAST of a machine with 32GB of dedicated RAM. All lag issues will be resolved as soon as this is set up. In the mean time, here are some […]

  Hello everyone, Less than 24 hours remains until the big release of Avernic! We are all super excited to be seeing you online and watch your starter grind tomorrow. To build some extra hype, and give back a little to those who you who plan on grinding the game, we have a few simple […]

Tue 01-Sep-2020

Hello everyone, I’m glad to inform you that we are approaching the official release of Avernic! After many, many hours of development, the server is reaching a state where we are proud to release it for each and every one of you to enjoy. The release time is set to Saturday, 5th of September 6PM […]

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