Game Updates, Fixes & QoL’s!
Fri 13-Nov-2020 | Uncategorized
Posted by Th14

Hello everyone,

It is time for another update. The halloween event has concluded and your home maps have turned back to normal. The donation sale is also no longer active. I hope you will enjoy!

Olm Changes

  • Increased the amount of time between the portal attack being initated and hitting you, giving you two ticks longer to make it to the other portal.
  • Increased the hit delay on Olm’s Range & Mage attacks to give more time to prayer switch on time.

Trading Post

The trading post now has a confirmation dialogue when purchasing an item to avoid accidentally purchasing items.

Flower Poker

Significantly decreased the chance of planted flowers being black/white during flower poker games.

Donator Rank

A new donator rank for $1,500+ donators has been added called ‘Platinum’. The benefits will be added shortly to the benefits guide.

Group Ironman

The group leader in an ironman team may now kick a member by using ::kickmember playername.


  • Duo slayer will now give XP to both persons when killing the task monster.
  • Fixed attacking krakens not giving a message that you must be on task to deal damage to them.
  • Players may now buy a kraken task (if 87 slayer) for 5M coins from Pirate Pete at home.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • When logging in due to DC’ing to a network error or otherwise, you should no longer be stuck online requiring a kick.
  • Wearing a max cape now gives a 2% drop rate boost. The completionist cape gives a 5% drop rate boost.
  • Fixed the issue with overload damage being stopped if teleporting midst taking damage.
  • The agility shortcut to blue dragons at taverly now requires 70 agility to use.
  • Resolved an issue with clipping into walls when using objects that move you.
  • Fixed the dragon kiteshield stats being extremely overpowered.
  • The Kourend teleport in the spellbook now works properly.
  • Fixed Skotizo being unattackable.
  • Added an extra rune ore at mining guild.
  • Buffed GP giving from thieving by a bit.

Best regards,

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