Zombie Invasion, Rune Pouch Overlays & More!
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Hello everyone,

It is time for another update. Today we bring you a few fixes, a new RuneLite plugin and some more goods. I would also like to remind you all to check out this event that will last for the entirety of this weekend. Collect points by getting boss drops and get great rewards! We have also decided to extend the halloween event until the 5th of November to ensure everyone gets a chance at participating.

Zombie Invasion

Every hour, until the 5th of November, zombies will invade edgeville. They can spawn around the shopping area, edgeville dungeon or the wilderness ditch. These zombies have 500hp each and drop halloween mystery boxes at a rare rate. Hurry up when they spawn and get a zombie kill in for a chance every hour!

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Rune Pouch Overlays

An overlay for seeing how many runes and which kind you have in your rune pouch has been added. This can be toggled on and off in your runelite settings. Note that it currently flickers a bit when you’re in fixed mode – this will be resolved in the next update. You may customize it to display rune icons or just amounts and select which color the text should have yourself.

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Olm Attack Fix

When being hit by Olm’s exploding crystal attack, you will no longer have a chance to get moved into the wall. The game will now properly move you into a position that you can walk from.

Flower Poker

  • When playing flower poker, the white & black flowers are now a lot less common as they should be.
  • Fixed the flower poker coordinates being a bit off on the halloween home map.

Achievement Diaries

  • Use of the ardougne lever now counts towards the wilderness diary.
  • Removed some excess tasks in the Kourend diary (teleport to Kourend, chop magic logs).
  • Made the ‘cast barrage’ desert diary entry an elite task rather than medium.
  • The clay in north-eastern desert can now be mined for the Desert diary.
  • Essence fragments are now properly removed when crafting runes with them to enable you to make new ones.
  • Swapped the steal fur & pickpocket master farmer difficulties in the ardougne diary & lowered the amounts.
  • Swapped around the kill spiritual mage and teleport to trollheim diary entries in the fremmenik diary.

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Tournament Fixes

  • Fixed the tournaments rewards sometimes not being dealt out properly.
  • Replaced the pizzas in F2P tournament with swordfish.
  • Changed the HP to 75 from 99 in F2P tournaments.

Other Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed the overloaded heart cooldown being 7 instead of 5 minutes.
  • Decreased the delay between special attacks activating after switching from ranged attacks.
  • Further tweaks to item switching applied. This should solve the random kicks whilst switching gear.
  • Fixed the pathing in Bloat room (again). He should no longer get stuck.
  • Duo slayer should now give XP to both players in the party upon a kill if they are in the same region.
  • Fixed being put in an unwalkable spot after leaving FFA.
  • Fixed clue hunter boots going in the glove slot.
  • Fixed the kalphite guardian spawning inside the wall.
  • Fixed crafting actually being slayer on the XP lamps.
  • NPC’s below combat level 75 no longer drop coin caskets on slayer tasks.
  • Increased the protection value of the twisted crossbow.
  • Fixed the twisted banshee superiors animations.
  • Fixed revenant kills not being counted in the collection log.
  • Added back the inquisitors platebody to the collection log for wildy crates.
  • Fixed prayer bonuses of inquisitor’s armour.
  • Increased maximum amount of dark beasts given from Konar.

Thanks for your continued support,

Avernic Staff

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