Halloween Update & Game Fixes!
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Hello everyone,

Finally, we have reached another update. This one is quite juicy and I hope most of you will appreciate the effort that has been put into it. In addition to the updates, Bonus Play is now enabled for the entirety of the weekend. A halloween sale is also going live. Use the code ‘HALLOWEEN30‘ at checkout for 30% of any purchase made until the 31st of October.

Anyway, todays updates are as follows:

Halloween Event

Halloween has arrived at Avernic and Edgeville has received a temporary tenant; the Grim Reaper! Head south-east of Edgeville to find him in his spooky castle. Help him on his quest to retrieve his stolen pumpkins in order to receive an exclusive Death Jr pet, only available until the 31st of October. In addition to this, anyone who completes the quest has a 1/10 chance to receive a Halloween Mystery Box. More on those below. In addition to this, when someone dies, Death will now appear and reak havoc on you.

The Quest

The quest is simple. Every 10 minutes, a chest is spawned, guarded by four ghosts, around the world of Avernic (mostly in the wilderness but not exclusively). Every time the chest spawns, each player may loot it a maximum of 10 times. In total, you must collect 50 pumpkins and bring back to death. In order to find the chests, you need to use the locator orb received from the Grim Reaper. It’s a bit tricky but it’s pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it!

Halloween Mystery Box

A halloween mystery box has been added to the game for a limited time only. This will be the only source to gain the halloween outfits & masks. The box is aquired as a rare reward from completing the event, community giveaways and, of course, the store. You can view the potential rewards by going to quest tab -> view loot tables.

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Skill Make Fixes

  • Using the skill make interface in resizable mode has been fixed and will no longer position the interface weirdly.
  • Using the skill make interface will now remember your choice for the next use.

Tournament Fixes

  • Fixed tournament having a chance to return empty rewards.
  • Fixed the F2P tournament having a brew in the setup. Removed the rune scimitar.
  • Vengeance timers are now properly reset between tournament rounds.
  • Fixed the tournament countdown timer in quest tab being off.

Client Fixes

  • Fixed a crashing issue on the resizable game mode.
  • Fixed a common crashing issue with region changing.
  • Fixed a login issue with the client trying to log you in twice causing you to get stuck online.

PvM Fixes

  • Fixed ankous being unattackable.
  • Fixed poison spiders being unattackable.
  • Fixed giant spiders being unattackable.
  • Fixed scorpions being unattackable.
  • Nechs and greater nechs no longer drop dragon boots.
  • Removed white wolfs from the global boss area.
  • Olm’s attacks will now no longer deal damage after killing him.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC’s being attackable outside their zones (e.g. Bloat, Nylocas & Olm).
  • Demonic gorillas mage prayer now works properly.
  • Corp’s mage attack is now as likely to be used as his melee attack.
  • Protect from magic now only negates 33% of damage against corp.
  • Fixed Balfrugs drop rates.

PvP Fixes

  • Item switching speed has been significantly improved and is now processed instantly.
  • Fixed an issue with PvP deaths sometimes being counted when a player died outside of wilderness.
  • Fixed an issue with range and mage hitting through walls in PvP combat in certain areas.
  • Fixed an issue with HP bars not visually updating on last hit.
  • Fixed an issue with magic autocasting not dealing damage/working properly in PvP.

Monster Hunt & Wildy Crates

  • Ironman accounts now have a 10% chance of receiving the corresponding ma2 cape when they do enough damage to receive a wildy crate from the monster hunt bosses.
  • Increased the rare drop rate for wildy crates (Inquisitor armour, Zuriel, Morrigan).
  • Fixed invisible items in the wildy crates collection log.

Overload & Overloaded Heart Changes

  • If using an overloaded heart with less than 50 hp, thus not giving the effect, it will no longer still give you the cool down.
  • The overloaded heart now has a cool down of 5 minutes instead of 7.
  • Players now continue taking overload damage whilst teleporting.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • The nightmare staff is now a reward from the wilderness chest where as the orbs are a reward from the bloody chest.
  • Made sure you can’t open up a bank or other interfaces in the middle of a teleport. It is now closed when the teleport finishes.
  • Players now need to wait 60 seconds before logging out after picking up a bloody key.
  • Javelins no longer have a range attack bonus to increase accuracy of blowpipes, knives, darts etc.
  • The Craw’s bow formulas are now accurate to OSRS’s and has no additional damage or attack bonuses against players in the wilderness.
  • The toxic trident now only requires 1 zulrah scale per charge instead of 10.
  • The ignore list now works for clan chats.
  • Fixed the equipment bonuses of twisted ancestral.
  • Players may no longer deposit all with their looting bag if their selected bank tab is too full.
  • Fixed an issue with resetting HP causing your max HP to stay high.
  • Fixed one letter usernames on the vote page not being useable.
  • Fixed stackable untradeables only keeping one upon death rather than all.
  • Reduced the delay on the deposit buttons in bank.

We hope you will enjoy these changes & the event,

Avernic Development

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