OSRS Make X Interface, QoL’s & Fixes!
Mon 19-Oct-2020 | Uncategorized
Posted by Th14

Hello everyone,

Today, we bring you yet another update! They are as follows:

Make X Interface

The OSRS make X interface has been added to the game. It’s currently added to fletching and cooking but will be added to more actions further down the line. This is to speed up skilling for you in a more tidy and stylish manner!

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Tournament Changes

  • A F2P Tournament style has been added. Thanks to Cursed for help configuring this one.
  • Tournament rewards are now randomized; you may receive any of the following when winning a tournament:
    – Wilderness Chest Key
    – 100-300 Blood money
    – Tournament Chest
    – Wilderness Crate + 50-100 PKP

All wins are awarded with 200 ladder points, and second places with 100 ladder points.

Pest Control Changes

  • Hard XP mode accounts now get half the XP a regular account does when purchasing XP from the pest control.
  • Increased base point yield in pest control from bonus play/WOGW by 5.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed the bug with planting herbs being delayed/allowing you to spam click to plant multiples at the same time for big XP drops.
  • Fixed coin caskets not being dropped randomly on slayer tasks as they were supposed to.
  • Fixed the tome of fire’s attack bonus.
  • Players will no longer get achievement rewards on the AFK island.
  • The Scythe of Vitur’s attack will now give XP for all three hits, not just the highest.
  • Fixed noting/unnoting items that don’t have a noted item model on bank booths, leaving you with useless items.
  • Fixed up more item prices for protection values/general store sale values/high alch values.
  • Fixed the tournament information saying it rewards tournament caskets.
  • The dwarf multicannon is now instant set up to avoid abuse.
  • Fixed being able to use cannon to attack NPC’s you don’t have the slayer level for.
  • Fixed an issue with the dark bow’s projectiles.
  • Changed the lumbridge diary craft more than 56 to cosmics in one go to 56 or more in one go.
  • All diary rewards (easy-elite) now reward you with an XP lamp as well.
  • Added hovers to skillcapes with effects for easy viewing.
  • Updated some guide book information.
  • Removed runecrafting pets from the collection log as they are changeable.
  • Players may no longer repair their amulets of blood fury.
  • Fixed dragon claws defence level req from 60 -> 1, attack level req from 1 -> 60.
  • Thammaron’s sceptre is now one handed.
  • Added a ::event command which brings up the forum page with listed events.
  • Tweaks to the pathfinding inside of Bloat’s room in ToB.
  • Fixed clicking offsets of the furnace at home.
  • Fixed the clicking offsets for the cannon when trying to pick it up.
  • Increased arrow fletching XP.
  • The dawnbringer is now deleted when trying to use it outside of ToB.
  • The dawnbringer is now properly deleting when dying on Verzik’s first phase.
  • Fixed the bank booths being vegetable stalls in varrock bank.

Best regards,

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