Economy Changes, Slayer Changes & Game Fixes!
Tue 13-Oct-2020 | Uncategorized
Posted by Th14

Hello everyone!

It’s finally time for another update, adressing many economical aspects of the game and QoL fixes that you’ve been requesting. In an update later this week, we will be releasing the OSRS Make X/5/10/All interfaces for skilling actions and some more goodies – stay tuned for that! Anyway, the updates are as follows:

Item Prices

After taking your suggestions about item prices into consideration, I have tweaked a lot of items shop & protection values. This to be able to alch/sell items for a more fair value to generate GP but also to make sure no valuable items aren’t protected fairly on death. This adresses things such as the Overloaded heart lacking a protection value and certain valuable items being protected over more valuable items. Huge thanks to Josh for helping me configure these prices.

Slayer Coin Caskets

The coin caskets that were previously dropped by certain NPC’s giving small amounts of coins has been changed to give 100k-1 million coins. They are now dropped randomly when on a slayer task to increase GP gained by doing slayer.

Slayer Changes

Some changes have been applied to slayer. They are as follows:

  • Adamant and Rune dragons removed from boss tasks.
  • The hydra boss task is now only counting alchemical hydras.
  • Added corporeal beast tasks.
  • Made sure the jad task is only 1.
  • The ghost wildy slayer task now counts revenants. Removed the revenants task.

Drop Rate Changes

  • Drop rates have been tweaked for both raids 1 and 2. The base drop rate is now slightly higher for the rare tables.
  • Removed the tome of fire from the CoX drop table.
  • Increased Zulrah rare drop rates by approximately 30%.

Zulrah Tasks

Players may now purchase between 5-25 zulrah’s as a slayer task from Zul-areth for 5M coins. This counts as a boss task.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed the looting bag not auto depositing items in the wilderness when opened.
  • Fixed the open looting bag being depositable inside a looting bag.
  • Fixed the bank tabs in resizable mode. They now work properly.
  • The WOGW now resets properly once it’s been filled up for tournaments.
  • Fixed items visually disappearing when dragging them into full bank tabs.
  • Fixed ankous in the wilderness not being attackable.
  • Skotos pet is now hidden from the right-click menu if you have hide pet options on.
  • Increased the drop rate of defenders in warriors guild.
  • The Ghrazi Rapier now has the same weapon menu has a sword/dagger.
  • Fixed the weapon menu for the demonic trident.
  • Claiming a $100 bond now has the same announcement as the other bonds.
  • The pathing to Olm’s melee hand should now be a tad bit better. It’s still not perfect due to corrupted map data in that room.
  • Fixed leaving FFA putting you inside a wall.
  • Fishing manta rays now requires 81 fishing.
  • Fixed a bug where you could set up a cannon outside of Zulrah to bring it inside.
  • Fixed bloody justiciar legs and helm upgrades being swapped around.
  • Overloads are now reset on logout.
  • Fixed the spam click spots on the relleka & ardougne agility courses that would generate multiple marks of grace.

All the best,

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