WOGW Change, Combat Fixes & More!
Thu 08-Oct-2020 | Uncategorized
Posted by Th14

Hello everyone,

Today I bring forth an update adressing some much-needed fixes and game-additions. They are as follows:

Tournament Changes

Tournaments now run every 3 hours BUT they can be force-started via the Well of Goodwill by adding 50M coins. If one is started with, say, one hour remaining, the next one after that will be scheduled for 3 hours after the end of the force started tournament. This also means that staff can choose to start tournaments whenever for events and such which will be great for community interaction.


The teleportation orb has been removed and you no longer need to purchase it before quickly teleporting. You may now navigate using the ‘T’ icon in your top right corner like in the example below.

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Eating/Damage Bug

Fixed the bug with damage where HP would be drained before the hitmark appeared. This caused you to be unable to eat upon the final blows animation, thus making it seem like eating wasnt working and/or was delayed.

Wilderness Slayer

The entirety of wilderness as well as the rev caves have been livened up with a lot of new NPC spawns and now holds a bunch of new potential wilderness slayer tasks. Huge thanks to Cursed for help with adding the spawns. The new tasks are as follows:

  • Greater Demons
  • Hellhounds
  • Ankous
  • Bear tasks – Grizzley bears or Callisto
  • Spider tasks – Any spider or Venenatis
  • Scorpion tasks – Any scorpion or Scorpia
  • Skeleton tasks – Any skeleton or Vetion

Changes & Fixes

  • Client errors are now logged in your cache folder. Incase of a client freeze, contact me and I will help you look up the error so we can fix it and get rid
    of these client freezes that some of you are experiencing once and for all.
  • Selecting ‘Recent offers’ on the trading post will now properly sort them by most recent first, whilst searching for an item name will sort them by
    cheapest first.
  • AFK Mining, Woodcutting & Fishing now gives passive GP to add some more coins into the economy.
  • The AFK fishing spot no longer gives anchovies.
  • The karambwanji fishing spot is no longer fully afk and now has a random chance to stop fishing.
  • Items no longer degrade inside of tournaments.
  • Fixed the tournament timer that would allow you to attack prematurely.
  • The Gem stall in Ardougne will now count towards the falador diary as well.
  • Removed the falador teleport to essence mine achievement as the essence mines are removed.
  • Increased protection value of lucky armadyl godsword.
  • Added the blood and twisted heart to the Nechryarchs drop table.
  • The third age axe now inherits the dragon axe’s special attack.
  • Fixed the VLS & Statius warhammer strength bonuses.
  • Fixed ancestral robe equipment models not being full bodies.
  • Fixed the requirement to fish swordfish. It is now 50 as it should be.
  • Fixed the Volatile staff not removing special attack when used in PvP. Also added the real GFX instead of the Flames of Zamorak one.
  • Fixed the twisted ancestral set not giving a 2% damage boost per piece.
  • Fixed the candle maker for the Kandarin diary being the wrong NPC.
  • Fixed the last available slayer task in the list (code wise) not being available.
  • Fixed the imbued blessing not being searchable in bank.
  • Fixed buying and selling to blood money shop for HCIM accounts.
  • Fixed master clues not counting towards the clue hunter achievement.
  • Fixed logging out after dooing Skotizo putting you in Catacombs even if you were located somewhere else.
  • Fixed Zulrah bugging out and becoming unaccesible after some time.

I hope you will enjoy these updates, and look forward to more!

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