New Pathfinding System & Tons of updates!
Fri 02-Oct-2020 | Uncategorized
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Hello everyone,

Today I bring you some long awaited updates. This includes, but not limited to, a whole new pathfinding system to replace the old, very outdated pathfinding system we have! We hope this will enhance your experience overall. In addition to these updates, we are also enabling Bonus play for the entirety of the weekend along with DOUBLE vote points! Enjoy and let’s get us higher up the lists for the new month!

New pathfinding system

A new pathfinding system has FINALLY been added! It’s a lot smoother than the previous one and more accurately represents OSRS’s pathfinding alghoritms for any action in the game. Please understand that this is a very big change and in any big change there’s a risk that some bugs have slipped the cracks. If you find anything in regards to pathfinding after this update, please report as usual in ‘Discord -> #bugs’. Overall, though, I’m sure you will enjoy this long-awaited change!

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Shop Searching

Players may now search for items in shops. This will prove especially useful for buying seeds and items from other shops where it might be a bit tricky to spot the right items. Just a QoL that I hope will be much appreciated.

Fountain of Rune

Players may now charge their amulet of glories at the fountain of rune! Doing so will grant a bit of magic XP and is the most effective way for ironman accounts to get a recharged amulet of glory.

Looting Bag

The looting bag can now be opened to automatically pick up items whilst in the wilderness. Other than that it functions just as before, but the deposit item interface has been fixed up and is now formatted like the bank/withdrawal interface.

Venom System

The venom system has been updated. It now supports NPC immunity just like on OSRS where NPC’s such as Zulrah, Corp and Olm can not be venomed. This presents some more challenging PvMing on the game. I have also fixed Zulrah’s toxic clouds not hitting you if you’re anti venomed.

Trading Post Formatting

The trading post is now sorted from lowest to highest price when searching for an item. Long item names are also trimmed down to avoid overlapping with the price field.

Other Fixes & Changes

  • The Zulrah “teleport” option will no longer glitch out and stop working completely.
  • Fixed the “slayer tasks” daily task not progressing properly.
  • Fixed Olm being attackable outside of his room.
  • Fixed the loyalty chest and dragonic mystery box spins that sometimes were interrupted/got you stuck on the interface.
  • Buffed the accuracy of the Vesta’s Longsword special attack.
  • Fixed the toxic trident of the swamp duping Zulrah scales when uncharging it.
  • Fixed the pet effect dialogue closing itself out when trying to use it.
  • Tweaked range accuracy formulas. Defence should now have just as big of an impact as attack when it comes to range bonuses. The overall accuracy of range was also way too high to begin with. It has been tuned down a lot.
  • Imbued god capes are now automatically kept on death.
  • Attempted a fix at Olm’s projectiles “moving”, sometimes becoming invisible even causing you to be unable to prayer switch.
  • Fixed an issue with the expeditious bracelet being able to put you on negative task amount, thus never letting you finish your task.
  • Changed the cost of the bracelets to 50 points with 100 charges each.
  • Bloat should now walk around his room properly and not freeze in a corner.
  • Players may no longer use overloads in the wilderness, even for PvMing.
  • The dragon hunter lance can now be created by combining a hydra’s claw with the zamorakian hasta.
  • Made sure Olm’s burn attack wears off if you leave CoX.
  • Fixed the chat announcements for receiving nightmare orbs from the wilderness chest.
  • The regular anti venom now works properly and gives venom immunity for half the time of a anti-venom+ potion.
  • If you have completed the hard falador diary, ores from motherlode mine will now be noted.

I hope you will enjoy!

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