Crashes fixed & Game patches!
Mon 28-Sep-2020 | Uncategorized
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Hello everyone,

It is with joy I tell you that the crashing/nulling issues we’ve had during the past weeks have finally been fixed. It has been a long ride, stalling development and advertisment whilst trying to find a fix, and it’s finally over! This means uninterrupted gameplay, no more glitched crates, pest control games, warriors guild kicks, raids, Zulrah spawns and other things. In addition to this, I also bring forth some updates today. They are as follows:

  • Olms projectiles should no longer become invisible, thus making you unable to prayer flick, after some time of doing raids.
  • Zulrah instances should no longer glitch out not telling you whether it’s active or not when trying to start it.
  • Fixed an issue with wildy obelisks sometimes not showing up as activated.
  • The dragon crossbow is now properly accounted for as a crossbow and has its proper stats.
  • The santa has has been removed from the vote shop and instead been replaced by a mystery box.
  • Fixed wield requirements of Primordial boots.
  • Fixed wield requirements of Kodai wand.
  • The shooting star object in Catacombs may no longer be mined for high mining XP. This was previously used as a shooting star event. That’s why it gave XP.
  • Dying with an amulet of blood fury will no longer duplicate it and create an extra amulet of fury. Thanks to York and 10hp for pointing this out and not abusing it.
  • Swordfish now gives more XP than lobsters when fished.
  • Zilyana’s godbow now has a 33% chance to deal 50% extra damage, both in PvP and PvM.
  • Prayer, poison & hp is now reset between tournament rounds.
  • Fixed exiting the kraken boss cave putting you in a weird location.
  • Fixed the item name of the overloaded heart.
  • Fixed the bug where if you went to a shop and used the buy or sell X option, it would carry over and select the X option in your bank.
  • Fixed items not being draggable when having the ‘X’ option selected.
  • You will now properly stop fishing when performing a teleport.

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I hope you will enjoy!

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