Combat Improvements & Imbued Blessing!
Mon 21-Sep-2020 | Uncategorized
Posted by Th14

Hello everyone!

Today, there will be some downtime with the update. The reason being that we’re performing an OS re-install on the dedicated machine the server runs on. This can take a few hours. Meanwhile, enjoy reading this update log which will go live as soon as the machine is ready again!

Imbued Blessing

Players may now upgrade all 6 blessings into one, Imbued blessing. This one provides complete immunity against godwars npc aggression outside
of boss rooms and means you can wander about in peace and kill only those NPC’s that you wish to. It also gives 2 prayer bonus instead of 1 like
the other blessings.

Combat Improvements

  • Fixed the flicker on the weapon interface when switching weapons.
  • Improvements to item switching. It is now queued up and should be faster and smoother than before.
  • Improvements to gmaul one ticking; should be a lot more fluent now.
  • Fixed the dragon spear special attack, it should now function properly.
  • Damage is now queued and processed on the same tick as the hit marks show up. This means you can now eat on the animation of the death hit which¬† you previously couldn’t as the game thought you were dead prior to “visually” being dead.
  • This also means OSRS vengeance mechanics, where even though the final blow kills you, if you have vengeance casted damage will be dealt

Tournament Changes

  • Increased the time when you enter a tournament to when you can attack from 10 -> 15 seconds.
  • Re-done set-ups/inventory layouts for pure NH, pure melee and max NH tournaments.
  • Added granite maul to the dharok setup.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed new players being joined into the CC ‘Public’ instead of ‘Avernic’.
  • Fixed the Solak keys not being dropped on ground.
  • Disabled the random event all together. It can now, instead, be triggered by a moderator if botting/macroing is suspected.
  • Made sure there is always a warning when dropping a tentacle whip as it is destroyed when touching the ground.
  • Wearing a full set of Shayzien armour will now make you immune to the Lizardmans poison attack.
  • Skotizo and demonic gorillas can now be killed on any black demon task.
  • Lowered the amount range of many low-level slayer tasks as many were extreme.
  • Buffed Ardougne rooftop XP. It now gives slightly more than Relleka rooftop.
  • Added a runite ore to the mining guild.
  • Getting points from the skilling chest now only requires 10 per resource rather than 25.
  • The tentacle whip now has a 25% chance of poisoning your opponent, starting at 4 damage just like on OSRS.
  • Touch-ups to Skotizo as he was quite buggy before.
  • Fixed the formatting error on the finished inferno message.
  • Fixed the basilisk knight steps taking you backwards when trying to go down.
  • The spec bar is now properly updated when drinking from the rejuv pool.
  • Zulrah time was reset.

Best regards,

The Avernic Staff

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