Combat & Pathfinding Improvements, Xarpus boss & More!
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Hello everyone!

Another day, another update! Lovely! Bonus play has been shoved on for the entire weekend so hop on and make your gains!


The final theatre of blood boss is here, Xarpus! Watch out for his acid spit and don’t let the acid heal him! For each heal that gets to him, his maximum HP is increased for when the second phase spawns. With this update, the theatre of blood has been made slightly more difficult.  The base HP of NPC’s has also been increased by a little.

Pathfinding & Combat improvements.

As you may or may not know, our pathfinding is currently being reworked. In the meantime, I have applied some other fixes:

  • Hotfix to mage following. Your character will no longer stop up after each cast but follow your opponent until you’re in reach. This applies to both autocasting and manual casting.
  • Slightly increased magic accuracy based on what gear you are wearing.
  • Added the OSRS teleblock GFX to make it more visible when you hit.

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  • Slightly increased the base viewing distance in-game. This gets rid of the black squares and what not when zoomed out and allows you to see further.

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Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed the player lookup interface showing your slayer level as your farming level.
  • Added a ground item overlay minimum value plugin. You can toggle this in your runelite settings.
  • Added hovers to the ghostly dharoks set.
  • Changed the bloody key spawn ‘Chaos Altar’ to ‘Elder druids’. Removed the ‘Chaos temple’ one as they were the same thing.
  • Rune & adamant dragons can now be teleported to with the ring of charos and slayer cape.
  • When you send a gambling offer to someone it no longer freezes you in place.
  • Ironman accounts may no longer use the presets. Thanks to Ki for pointing this out.
  • Fixed the Zulrah safespot behind the pillar.
  • Added a teleport to elder druids under ‘PvP areas’.
  • Added a ::revs command.
  • Added a ::shops command.
  • Lowered the amount of coins received per ToB raid slightly.
  • Players may no longer use presets if their bank pin has not been entered.
  • Looting bag can now be accessed on the square where GE is and inside the home bank building.
  • Fixed a bug with magic shortbow special attack where it would deal insane amounts of damage to both NPC’s & players. With this, I have reset the Zulrah time records as the person who found this bug have admittedly used it to kill Zulrah.
  • Moved some black demon spawns that were stuck inside a wall.
  • The XP boost overlay now shows up with your time again after relogging.
  • Added XP mode to the personal tab.
  • Disallowed entering Olm when in the public cc to avoid join spam for the leader.
  • A message is now sent with the kill count and NPC you received the drop from when receiving a rare drop or a pet.
  • Fixed the hovered boxes on the loot table interface not showing up properly on the bottom half.
  • Fixed cannon balls and ruby bolts showing up on the super mystery box loot table instead of the supply crate one.
  • Further measures taken to avoid server nulls & crashes.
  • Applied a fix to ensure the map data loads properly every time on server start up.
  • Re-positioned some interface texts.
  • Made sure all obelisks send the message that you need to complete the hard wilderness diary when using set destination.
  • Further tweaks to revenants drop tables.
  • The phoenix pet is no longer tradeable.

Best regards,

The Avernic Staff

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