New launcher, Crash Fixes & More!
Wed 16-Sep-2020 | Uncategorized
Posted by Th14

Hello everyone.

Today, I bring you a smaller yet important update that adress some issues we’ve been facing as of late. Let’s hope it’s satisfying enough for you!

Updated launcher

The launcher has received an update. You can download the new launcher by visiting the download page. If you already have the old launcher it is not necessary, however recommended as it works better than the old one. It also has a progress bar for when you download the new client.

Crashing/Null fixes

A lot of debugging has been done to discover the cause of the crashing/nulling issues we’ve been facing. We’ve faced two attacks on our web and server hosts during the past few days, however the server has also been nulled due to coding flaws. In search of this error, bounty hunter targets have been disabled temporarily to debug the issues with crashes/nulls. Instead, emblem drops are now given on random when killing a player. Killing someone with an emblem in your inventory will upgrade it when this happens instead of dropping a tier 1.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed attack animations of humanoid NPC’s.
  • Ground item names no longer show up through interfaces.
  • Olm has been fixed and will now be attackable again. Olm will no longer take damage to boost your points until the third and final phase with all hands killed.
  • Nerfed the wildy weapon drop rates from revenants.
  • Added cannonballs to the revenants drop tables.
  • Increased tournament prizes to 200 for first prize, 100 for second prize.
  • Increased the distance at which HP bars show up for mobs you’re fighting. This should ensure it doesn’t flicker when doing, for example, Olm.
  • Increased the distance at which you can move away from your opponent before they’re being automatically unfrozen by 3 squares.
  • A slight increase in XP for monkfish and higher has been added.
  • Made sure you don’t get AFK Points when fishing and not on AFK island.
  • The volatile staff special attack should now work properly in PvP.
  • The revenant cave entrances have received a slight delay between clicking them to avoid flicking between them to avoid damage.
  • Fixed the delayed hits coming through after teleporting from certain delayed NPC attacks, e.g. dragonfire.
  • Increased damage of Olm’s base attacks.
  • Increased the frequency of Olm’s falling crystals.
  • The rune pouch is now properly kept and cleared on death.
  • Disabled alching wildy weapons.
  • Added a delay to clicking gnome agility course objects to avoid issues.

Best regards,

The Avernic Staff

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