Instance fixes, Raid tweaks & QoL’s!
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Posted by Th14

Hello everyone!

After a rough day(s) of attacks and hosting issues, we are finally up and running at full speed again. Thanks for your patience – I will reward you with these updates:

XP Drops

Performing actions such as cleaning herbs & creating darts/bolts will no longer stack up XP drops. It will only send one XP drop per game tick based on how many actions you performed.

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Instance Fixes

As you may or may not have known, there has been an issue in instances where multiple NPC’s have spawned for the past couple days. This includes Zulrah, RFD, Vorkath and any other potential instance you may think of except for raids. This was a silly mistake I madeĀ  when I was fixing Olm and it has now been corrected. No longer will you get piled by four Zulrah’s – hooray!

Raid Tweaks

  • Olm’s HP now scales based on party size. The base HP is 1,000. It then scales with 250 HP per player in the raid.
  • The hands HP also scale based on party size; starting at 450 HP and scaling with 50 HP per player in the raid.
  • ToB NPC’s have received a slight increase in HP (~250) because of the extra player available per raid.
  • Started working on a function to enable bonus raid drop chances for mass events (Olm).

Pet Fixes

Pets are now properly cleared when logging out and no longer bug out when following you after you die. This will fix the issue of people, at times, having multiple pets following them and on rare occasions being able to pick up other peoples pets. If you’ve been affected by this bug in anyway, contact me and I’ll correctify it.

Scythe of Vitur

The scythe of vitur now has proper damage calculations. It hits 3 times on any given NPC at this point and once on players.

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Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed the amulet of blood fury being tradeable. It is now untradeable and will dissolve into an amulet of fury upon death.
  • The vengeance delay is now reset between rounds in tournaments.
  • Tele block is now properly reset upon relogging.
  • Added a 6th toplist to vote on incase one site fails so that you’ll still get the 5 tickets (or the potential 6th!).
  • Fixed prize of gravedigger gloves in the AFK shop.
  • Fixed rune crossbow attack speeds.
  • Made sure it checks if you have lost items before teleporting into Zulrah with a Zul-Andra teleport scroll.
  • Disabled cannons all across the wilderness.
  • Fixed the issue were zones were multi combat when they weren’t supposed to be.
  • Tweaked fishing experience and catch rates. You should now catch fish faster at a slightly slower XP rate.
  • To avoid issues, Elite mode accounts will from this update and onwards only show up on hard highscores again.
  • Fixed a potential issue with Vorkath causing him to be unable to attack back.
  • Highscores have been moved to a MySQL server hosted on the dedi that runs the server rather than the webhost. This is to speed-up highscore updating and not make it dependent on webhost status. As you may or may not know, the webhost has been acting up the past two days causing the server to, at times, crash/lag badly when this happened.
  • Changed up the login message for when the login server is busy (many logins at once) to say that instead of server being updated.
  • Fixed the issue where you could grab the bloody key and teleport on the same tick.
  • Fixed the issue where two people could grab the bloody key on the same tick.
  • When an elite ironman dies, they will now become an ultimate ironman.
  • Added a bloody key to the blood money shop for 4,500 blood money. This is for those who like to rack up blood money through various activities and want to spend it on something else than the cheaper gear.
  • Fixed an issue where if UIM/Elite ironman donated their items would go to bank (which they obviously can’t use).
  • The special regain speed is now the same as on OSRS, 10% every 30 seconds.
  • Removed Banshee gear & ruby bolts (e) from wildy crates.
  • Increased amounts of PKP, dark crabs and dragon bolts (e) from wildy crates
  • Added ruby bolts (e) & cannonballs to supply crates.
  • You can no longer create potions whilst banking.
  • K’ril swords now have a 50% chance of hitting twice instead of 33%.
  • Removed rune med helms from rare drops.
  • The deposit box at fishing guild now opens your bank.
  • The time cap on the restoration pool for supporters and higher in donators zone has now been fixed.
  • Removed magic from the possible bonus skills array.
  • Removed the Astral crafting achievement as it’s been
  • Fixed the AFK & Skilling point shops for ironman accounts.
  • Fixed the wall objects at barbarian outpost sometimes not properly giving XP (yes I know it’s still kinda glitcy; agility will be rewritten at some point).

I hope you will enjoy these updates, and look forward to more,

The Avernic Staff

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