Raid fix-ups, QoL’s & Bug Fixes!
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Posted by Th14

Hello everyone,

It’s been a good weekend for us and we’ve hit new player peaks! Almost 100 online which is INSANE, so thank you for all the support!
Today, I have an update adressing many issues and concerns of yours. I hope it will be satisfactory. They are as follows:

Raid Fixes

  • The Olm is now fixed and will not null out if the raid leader dies mid-raid.
  • When dying in ToB, the message now states clearly that you need to wait until your team progresses to the next room to follow.
  • Verzik should no longer be unreachable when using the dawnbringer staff.

PvM Fixes & Changes

  • Zulrah will no longer path you weirdly behind the pillars.
  • Corps damage reduction effect now works properly; he will reduce all damage by 50% unless using a zamorakian/vesta spear or ruby bolt special attack.
  • Corp will no longer hit you when you’re outside of his cave.
  • NPC’s should no longer PJ in PvP single combat.
  • Increased the time between an NPC initiating an attack with you and you being put in combat. The NPC now puts you in combat after starting its attacking animation.
  • Multi-attacking chinchompas will now, just like barraging, only send two xp drops per hit rather than one for each NPC you attack.
  • Ice warriors will now attack you back properly.
  • All forms of Zulrah should now face you properly when attacking.

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AFK Zone Changes

Instead of receiving passive GP, you will now receive AFK points whilst at the AFK zone. These points can be spent in the store, which is accessed by trading Evil Bob. The fishing spots can now also be used for passive fishing XP.

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Donation Changes

  • When claiming a donation, items are now automatically sent to bank to avoid issues.
  • Added donation options for a few untradeable and misc. items, such as:
    – Looting bag
    – Rune Pouch
    – Ring of Wealth
    – Barrows Gloves
    – Dragon Defender
    – Fighter Torso
    – UIM Storage ticket
  • Lowered the prices of:
    – Tome of fire (24,99 -> 14,99)
    – Santa hat (74,99 -> 49,99)
    – Bonds, all slightly lower than the $ they add as they do not give any items.

Donators’ Zone

  • A master farmer has been added to the donators’ zone.
  • Removed the healer from the donators’ zone.
  • Swapped the combat dummy and the teleporter in the donators’ zone.
  • Added a spellbook swap altar at the donators’ zone.

Tournament Changes

  • The max no arm tournament now has ags + gmaul instead of claws.
  • The tournament styles are now random each time. Disabled voting for the time being as people only voted for the same styles over and over.

Clear private chat history

You can now clear your private chat history! Really useful if you get a lot of PM’s because you’re Mr. Popular!

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Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • The trading post now only sends a message when all items of a listing finish selling.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting ironman teams, restricting you at 50 total instead of 500.
  • Porazdir no longer gives double wildy crates.
  • Increased the amount of RAM that is allocated to the server. This should reduce lag and make it run a bit smoother.
  • Players now have a slight delay before they can walk in pest control to avoid clipping issues whilst rendering the area.
  • Nerfed the drop rate of Balfrug to match the other minions.
  • Players can now set a title according to their game mode by going to settings -> player tab -> view titles.
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn’t drop items whilst in combat because it said it was a bloody key.
  • Decreased the delay between eating food slightly.
  • You may no longer set up a cannon in the revenant caves.
  • The smoke dungeon is now a multi combat zone.
  • Players may now use ::bug to report a bug/issue with the game to all online staff.
  • Increased the base prices of wildy weapons and bandos pieces.
  • Pay dirt in the motherlode mine is now saved between logging in/out.
  • Players online in your quest tab should no longer disconnect you.
  • Fixed the scrolling on the second (personal) quest tab.
  • Fixed some formatting on the commands interface.
  • The restore pool now only restores stats that are less than your actual level.
  • Made sure elite mode accounts are put on both regular and hard highscores.
  • The anti-venom potions in bloodmoney shop are now anti-venom+ potions.
  • Vorkath now counts towards blue/baby blue dragon slayer tasks.
  • Added a crazy archaeologist teleport under ‘Wildy Bosses’.
  • Rune pouches & books of darkness, law and war are now auto kept on death.
  • Added teleport warnings to the ::easts and ::wests commands.
  • Increased the chance of hitting the drop table with the ancient staff from infernal mages.
  • Fixed the granite maul special attack not being able to be used before e.g. an AGS special attack. It will no longer delay it.
  • Items now sell to shops for 75% of their value rather than 66,7%. High alching gives 80% of the value instead of 75%.
  • Fixed certain medium varrock diaries showing up as easy when they were medium.
  • Fixed the slayer point reduction for blocking and cancelling task for the Mega/Ultra V.I.P. donator ranks.
  • You can no longer use the various dragon bolts with a rune crossbow.
  • XP drops that you received whilst the experience counter was closed will no longer “spam drop” when you open it.
  • Dragonic mystery boxes are now tradeable.
  • Removed ranarrs, mithril maces (lol) and torstols from rare drop announcements.
  • The dragon knife special attack will no longer have a delayed and will no longer drag you towards the player.
  • Fixed wield requirements for god d’hides.
  • System update text will no longer overlap broadcasts.
  • The bank chest at ToB now has the ‘Presets’ option.
  • HCIM gear is now untradeable (can’t be PKed).
  • The broken runite ore in wildy has been fixed.

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Best regards,

The Avernic Staff

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