Skilling chest, Game Fixes & More!
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Hello everyone,

Today I bring you some new content and essential game fixes! I have heard you out on many of your suggestions and your input – it’s really helpful, so keep posting anything you may find or want added in discord! I do my best to get to all of your requests. Anyway, todays updates are as follows:

Skilling Chest
A skilling chest has been added! This is based off of Nes’s suggestion. You will need to fill it with 25x noted runite ores, 25x noted magic logs and 25x noted raw manta rays to get one skilling point. The skilling points can be spent in the shop as seen below. With this comes a new item, the regular XP lamp (not to be confused with the bonus XP lamp). It gives 150K to the skill you select (regular mode) and 30K to the skill you select (hard mode). It is a tradeable item, which essentially means that a skiller can sell XP to other players. This will not work for training Hunter as the gain will be too big.

Twisted Outfit
The twisted outfit has been added at 1,000 ladder points/piece to the tournament shop. This is a cosmetic armour and it is tradeable.

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Shop Changes

  • Adjusted (lowered) prices in the daily task shop and the PK Point shop:
    – The full cannon set is now only 10 points in the daily task shop.
    – The dwarven rock cake is now 5 daily task points.
    – The dragon spear is now 60 points in the pk point shop
    – The ward & occult ornament kits has had their prices cut in half.
    – The noted dark crabs in the PKP shop now cost 1PKP each (50 for 50).
  • Added the ring of wealth imbuing scroll to the daily task shop at 50 points as an alternative way to get it.
  • When opening the daily task shop, you can now see your points in the chat.

Ghostly Dharoks

The ghostly dharoks item fusion has been changed. You now need to fuse 1x dharok piece (e.g. 1x dharok legs) together with a dark light
for a 50% chance at the ghostly dharoks legs.


  • When loading a preset item and not having enough of it, you will now receive a message that you do not have enough of that specific item.
  • The special bar is now properly added to the weapon you’re loading.
  • The spellbook is now properly saved and loaded.
  • Presets can no longer be used to deposit bloody keys to your bank.
  • These changes has caused a reset to the current presets; please re-create them.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed the ruby bolt special attack doing 1K+ damage to players (it had no cap like in PvM because players don’t normally have more than 121hp).
  • Fixed the stairs up to the basilisk knights.
  • Fixed the item stats and requirements of equipping the tome of fire.
  • Fixed the protection values of inquisitor armour and nightmare staffs.
  • Fixed wildy bosses sometimes not spawning properly in their locations.
  • Added the command ::daily to check your current daily task.
  • Added an aggro timer to chaos dwarfs, ghosts and all NPC’s within the Catacombs.
  • Fixed the amulet of blood fury’s healing effect. It now activates properly at a 20% chance.
  • Fixed the trading post listing restrictions once and for all.
  • The spice stall can now be clicked from any angle.
  • If your bounty hunter overlay is toggled off you will no longer see your target in it when teleporting to a safe zone.
  • The anvil can now be clicked from any angle.
  • There’s now a 10 second timer before you can attack each other in a tournament match.
  • Examining stackable items will now say how many of that item you’re examining.
  • The furnace at home can now be clicked from any angle.
  • Fixed construction bringing up the hunter skill guide instead of hunter button.
  • PKP and vote tickets can now be used anywhere but in the wilderness.
  • Fixed equipment requirements for Ancestral clothing and uncharged toxic sotd.
  • Removed bandos hilt, zamorakian spear and mystery box from vote mystery boxes.
  • Barraging NPC’s will now only drop one additional XP drop after the initial hit. This is to avoid the XP drop spam you have been seeing.
  • Made sure there’s a line split when you receive an amulet of the damned from barrows so you can see the chest count in chat.
  • Event keys are now always put on the floor instead of potentially sent to bank if you have a full inventory when killing Solak.
  • Increased the timer between being frozen until you can be frozen again from 3 ticks -> 5 ticks.

That’s all for now!

Best regards,

The Avernic Staff

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