Olm & Bloat fixes & game tweaks!
Wed 09-Sep-2020 | News PostsUncategorized
Posted by Th14

Hello everyone,

Today I bring you a smaller update, adressing some important and much needed things. A bigger update log should be posted tomorrow.

Anyway, the updates are as follows:

  • Fixed Bloat’s flies hitting you when you hadn’t entered the arena yet.
  • Fixed Olm objects spawning randomly for everyone, trapping them in place (was a rather funny bug!).
  • You can now use the ‘Douse’ option on fire walls at Olm if you have 10 water runes to put it out and escape.
  • Made sure you can no longer get teleported by the Olm claw’s teleport attack when you’re outside of Olm room or dead.
  • Slightly nerfed the drop rates from Olm.
  • Olm shake is now properly reset when leaving the Olm room.
  • The XP multiplier in the donators’ zone now works properly.
  • Fixed the limit of listings on the trading post. You should no longer be able to list more items than the scroll length & according to your rank.
  • Fixed the sale price of spices.
  • When the wildy bosses are killed, the quest tab will now properly state it’s not spawned.
  • The global boss will now spawn properly and not only the first time after server restart.
  • Fixed the rigour/augury prayers lighting up one level too late.
  • Increased PJ timer for both PvP and PvM. Let me know how it feels now.
  • Added warnings to the ::gdz and ::50s commands.
  • Added a teleporter to the donators’ zone.

Best regards,

The Avernic Staff

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