Game fixes, pathfinding updates & more!
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Posted by Th14


Hello everyone,

Thanks for the immense support we are receiving! Today I bring you some minor fixes, most importantly to NPC pathing. You should be a lot less likely to get dragged when using range or mage now. We are still investigating the FPS issues for users with 32-bit java. If you have client lag, use this guide to fix your issues. The updates are as follows:

  • Restore pool timers are now fixed and will tell you minutes properly.
  • The lightning at the prayer altar is now unclickable.
  • Fixed the typo on the thieving achievement.
  • Fixed crashing when examining items in inventory whilst in trading post.
  • Fixed the bolt delay vs players.
  • Nerfed the probability of ruby bolt spec activating.
  • Fixed the wrong spellbook being saved on presets.
  • Fixed a bug with presets where if you had a bank search active, it wouldn’t send your items to bank properly.
  • Ava’s now requires 50 ranged to wear.
  • The wildy agility teleport now takes you outside the course.
  • Mithril dragons should now be safe spotable again.
  • You can now do ::sprad to bring up Sprad’s channel.
  • Made improvements to NPC pathfinding. You should be much less likely to get dragged towards them now.
  • Added a teleport device in donators’ zone.
  • Added back the thieving stall in donators’ zone.
  • Made ‘hide ground item names’ the default rather than ‘show ground item names’.
  • Yews behind varrock castle are now cuttable.
  • You can now enter the chaos altar in varrock without completing the hard diary.
  • Fixed the turned bank booths in warriors guild.
  • Godwars teleport is now also a NPC to match up with the rest.
  • Fixed the bank booths being vegetable stalls in cooking guild.
  • Ironman accounts are now allowed to purchase item rewards from pest control.
  • Fixed kaqemeex bringing up join slayer party message.
  • Removed the random rock in varrock west bank.

Best regards,

The Avernic Staff

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