New host, lag fix & game updates!
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Posted by Th14


Hello everyone,

We finally got the new host set up. This means we need to transfer the files so the server will be down for a few minutes. Restart your clients meanwhile.
The lag issues will finally be fixed with this update. If your client is still laggy, I suggest you check out this potential fix and make sure you’re using the new launcher client,
running it with the .bat file. Anyway, to compensate for the lagg, we’re now offering the following for the coming 48 hours:

  • Bonus votes – 1 extra vote point if voting on 3 or more sites.
  • Bonus XP – 20% bonus experience gained.
  • Bonus PC Points – extra points each PC game.
  • Store discount – 15% discount in the store with the code ‘NEWHOST15’

The updates are as follows:

  • Fixed the anvil at home.
  • You can now access your titles by going to settings -> Player tab -> View title
  • Fixed the barb agility net obstacle taking you to the side of it.
  • Discord RPC now works again.
  • Fixed the dice command taking you to the wrong location.
  • Removed the null from Vorkath’s drop table.
  • Fixed bonds saying they give points when they in reality do not as there are no donator points.
  • Balanced the revenants drop tables a bit more based on their levels.
  • Increased the allowed zoom distance. You may now zoom in and out even further.
  • Added back the donator zone objects that were missing.
  • Pathfinding in inferno has been fixed up. You will no longer get dragged towards NPC’s in there causing you to die a painful death.
  • Fixed the timer on the spec restore/healer in donators’ zone.
  • The rejuvenation pool now restores run energy and stats.
  • The timer on the rejuvenation pool now shows up without decimals and split up into minutes and seconds.
  • Sigmund now accepts your silks and spices.
  • Fixed HCIM/Elite ironman death causing multiple donator symbols if you had one. It now reverts to ironman properly.
  • Made sure tentacle whips can’t be sold in the GE to make sure people don’t sell it with low amount of hits left to save themselves money.
  • Fixed the withdraw X being the standard option when opening your bank.
  • Made sure looting bag can be used in rev caves.
  • Made sure NPC’s in catacombs don’t count towards godwars NPC’s.
  • Cyclops no longer drop warrior guild tokens unless in warriors guild.
  • Additional sand crabs added due to it being crowded.
  • Removed the broken diary entries in varrock.
  • Fixed the varrock map data.
  • Fixed the tournament barrier, you may now leave once entered.
  • The bloody key should now be dropped upon killing someone.
  • The server time has been properly set according to the GMT time zone and the one displayed in your quest tab.

Best regards,

The Avernic Staff

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