Day one patches – Client Lag Fix & More!
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Hello everyone,

It was a rough launch. Our host wasn’t quite ready to take the heat and we have therefore ordered the setup of a BEAST of a machine with 32GB of dedicated RAM.
All lag issues will be resolved as soon as this is set up. In the mean time, here are some updates and fixes for you fellas:

Client Lag Fix
We have fixed the client lag some of you have been experiencing! All you need to do is download the new client launcher by clicking here or from the download page.
This will fix all crashing issues when teleporting, FPS drops and what not. Here’s an example recording of Sprad with comparisions:

  • Players online and server status now show up properly on website.
  • Fixed donation claims from pete.
  • Fixed voting claims with a space in name.
  • Fixed the ::forums and ::vote commands sometimes not taking you to the proper site.
  • Fixed the starter sword and dragon scim name swapped.
  • Fixed the motherlode mine and rogues den teleports.
  • Updated home area (credit to Sauce):

Added a furnace and a cooking range behind bank.
Moved upgrade altar more visibly.
Changed grass colors to be easier on the eye.
Moved some objects being out of place.

  • Fixed looting bag deposit boundaries and the crash when depositing.
  • Highscores now work as they should. Let the race begin!
  • Fixed positioning of some map icons around the home map.
  • Fixed auto retaliate showing up as on when it was really off.
  • Added the apotechary NPC to varrock so you can do the medium varrock diary.
  • You should no longer be hit with “You don’t have the required runes” when attacking a npc after login.
  • Fixed the trading post set price button. You can now list items for whatever price you want.
  • Disabled one of the tournament times until we have debugged the issues that occured during the last one. They will now only run 2PM and 8PM GMT, not 2AM.
  • When an ether bracelet runs out of charge it is now replaced with an empty.

Thanks for your continued support,

The Avernic Staff

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