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Hello everyone,

I’m glad to inform you that we are approaching the official release of Avernic! After many, many hours of development, the server is reaching a state where we are proud to release it for each and every one of you to enjoy. The release time is set to Saturday, 5th of September 6PM GMT. Up until then, anyone who joins the discord by clicking here and react to the message in #auto-role will receive a veteran status. Anyone who has a veteran status will receive a unique veteran’s sword and shield on release which will later be discontinued. There is also an invite competition currently ongoing where you can win some in-game store credit to get yourself a head start – cool, huh? Anyway, below is some practical information…

XP Rates

The game has two XP modes – Regular & Hard. You will be prompted to choose one of them when starting your account. Each XP mode has a separate highscore on each different game mode.

  • Regular – Roughly 150x OSRS Combat XP Rates & 30x OSRS Skilling rates
  • Hard – Roughly 20x OSRS Combat XP rates & 5x OSRS Skilling rates – 10% base drop rate boost

Game Modes

There is a variety of game modes to choose from when creating an account, all with different restrictions. Each game mode has a unique rank icon, apart from the regular game mode which does not have a rank icon.

  • Regular – Just a regular account. Able to play on either XP mode.
  • Ironman – Unable to trade, use certain shops and pick-up items from other players. Able to play on either XP made.
  • Ultimate Ironman – Same as ironman but can not use banks. For those who like a challenge!
  • Hardcore Ironman – Same as ironman but has only one life – will revert to a regular ironman if they die. Exceptions are made in for example raids, FFA and fight caves.
  • Group Ironman – Same as ironman but allows you to form a group of up to four people to share items with. All group ironman teams are put on the in-game group ironman leaderboards, displaying the highest average total, XP and combat levels of all teams.
  • Elite Ironman – A combination of the hardcore and ultimate ironman modes. They only have one life, may not use banks and are automatically put on the hard XP mode. This is a true challenge for those who really wish for their accomplishments to stand out!

Content Example

I understand that some of you may not be entirely familiar with how the server is set up, what it has to offer and how it works so I figured I’ll give you a quick-list of some key features we offer. Note that the server is not in any way limited to this content and I’m just choosing to mention a few things to give you an idea of what we’re about.

  • Full collection logs – Allows you to collect your progress in one place and show-off to other players when you’re the first to fill a specific log!
  • Automated PvP tournaments – Three times each day, a PvP tournament will run. Anyone can join this as your stats will be temporarily set according to the style that is choosen. Before each tournament, you may vote for the style of the tournament ranging from pure melee to max NH. There are currently seven different styles to choose from. The winner gets a tournament chest with unique rewards as well as some blood money. We will occasionally host these types of tournaments for OSRS GP rewards, so stay tuned for that!
  • Automated wilderness activities & events – We currently have three separate wilderness activites/events. For example, very 60-70 minutes, a bloody key statue will spawn somewhere in the wilderness. You will be alerted in a broadcast three minutes ahead with a message containing the location. Whoever loots the bloody key will be automatically teleblocked and have to make his way to the rogues castle’ in deep wilderness to loot the chest. Looting the chest will automatically give you a PK skull. Whenever someone picks up a key or loots the chest, it is announced globally to the server with your whereabouts. This key may not banked and you require a combat level of 85 to pick it up. Other examples are mage arena 2 bosses spawning every 3 hours and a global boss spawning in the wilderness every 4 hours.
  • The Great Olm – We offer you an exciting great olm fight. Enter with a party and fight for the right to loot the chest and, who knows, maybe get yourself a twisted bow! The great olm has close to all attacks he does on OSRS and is a strategically challenging boss, making the items the chest contains very valuable.
  • Theatre of Blood – Of course we also offer you the theatre of blood. Form a party and smash your way through 4 boss rooms to, eventually, be able to fight Verzik Vitur to gain access to his treasure room.
  • Preset System – From any bank in the game, you will be able to access our freshly added preset system – allowing you to load out items and gear from your bank with one click! This is perfect for doing activities that require a lot of restocking such as bossing, PKing or even skilling.
  • Item Upgrade System – Although our main content branch is OSRS, we do offer some sensible, custom content with upgradeable items such as the lucky godswords, ghostly dharoks and the bloody twisted bow. A way to keep you having items to grind for and never getting tired of the game!
  • Scam safe flower poker gambling – If you enjoy gambling your items, then do so in a safe manner with our automated, scam safe flower poker or OSRS duel arena system!
  • Trading Post – We offer a unique, grand exchange styled trading post for all your trading needs. Purchase and sell items with just a click and leave your items for sale over night.
  • The latest OSRS data – We offer you up-to date OSRS data and content such as fully working nightmare staffs, amulet of blood fury and more!
  • RuneLite UI – A lite version of RuneLite integration, allowing you to quickly toggle useful settings such as ground markers and several display options to customize your gameplay on our RuneLite UI!
  • And much, much more – Of course, we do offer any other type of content that you may expect such as the oh so popular OSRS bosses Zulrah, Cerberus & Vorkath. We have all achievement diaries as well as regular game achievements, completionist capes, treasure trails and more misc. content. We also have a bunch of balanced minigames to gain untradeable items, including the inferno!

I hope to see each and every one of you online for the release – it will be hype! If you’re interested in more information about the game, tune into the #behind-the-scenes channel in our discord.

All the best,

The Avernic Team



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