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PvP Tournaments, RuneLite Plugins, New Upgradeables & More!
Thu 21-Jan-2021
Posted by: Ab

Hello everyone,

Today, I bring you an enormous update. I hope you will enjoy this and see that it’s a step in the right direction for the server. There’s so much to go over so below follows the full list…

RuneLite Plugins

Two new RuneLite plugins have been introduced into the game – stat timers plugin & combat styles plugin! A sneak peek can be seen below.

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PvP Tournaments

Finally, PvP tournaments are here! These are a more casual variaton of the LMS minigame, offering five different styles currently. The game is simple; every 2 hours the tournament lobby opens up. A minimum of 4 players are required to start. The last player standing wins and players are awared with PK Point tickets according to their placement. Players start with decent gear, similairly to in last man standing. After each kill/round-progression, the player receives upgraded items and has a chance at receiving better weapons and gear. The initial rotated styles are as follows:

  1. Dharok Tournament
  2. Melee Tournament
  3. Inquisitor/Range Tournament
  4. Max NH Tournament
  5. Pure NH Tournament

You may view the status of the tournament & lobby by accessing your event information tab at any time.

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When the lobby opens up, players will receive a broadcast notifying them to join the lobby.

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Players must deposit all their items and go to the home area, then type the command ::tournament to be put into the lobby. Once the lobby has enough players (4+), the lobby timer will start ticking down from three minutes and the tournament will commence.

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New Upgradeables

In todays update, we present three brand new upgradeable items! These bring some new, interesting aspects into the game. They are as follows:

Wyrm scimitar: Blade of Saeldor + Wyrm shard + 100x Wyrm bones – 40% chance – No safe item.

The Wyrm scimitar is a cosmetic variaton of the Blade of Saeldor with a slight boost in stats. The Wyrm shard can be obtained by killing Wyrms in the Karuulm slayer dunegon. Below you can see a comparision.

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Cerberus blowpipe: Toxic blowpipe + Jar of Souls + Cerberus head – 40% chance – No safe item.

The Cerberus blowpipe shares the stats of a toxic blowpipe but it is charged with fire runes (50x per charge) & darts instead of scales & darts. Although having the same stats as a toxic blowpipe, it has an additional 10% chance to deal random burn damage between 5 and 15 damage to your opponents, making its DPS significantly higher due to its fast attack speed. The Cerberus head is a guaranteed drop every 50 kills, just like the Vorkath head.

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Both of these items are never-before seen models and customly made for us. More to come later on, of course, including two full armour sets!

Infernal Viggora’s chainmace: Infernal cape + Viggora’s chainmace + 10,000x Revenant ether – 33% chance – No safe item.

Similairly to the Infernal Craw’s bow, this is a mace infested with infernal powers holding unlimited charges. It has a +10 strength bonus on top of its regular version.

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Upgrade Boosts

Upgrade boosts have been added to the game. They come in three variatons; 15%, 25% and 35%. Players may purchase them (15, 25 or 35%) from the donator shop (yes, shoot me) or the achievement shop (15%). They are also possible rewards from the vote mystery box (15%) and regular mystery box (25%). Their purpose is simple – when activated, your next upgrade attempt will be boosted by the percentage of that boost. For example, activating a 35% upgrade boost will boost a 40% success rate upgrade to 75% success rate for one attempt. The boosts do not stack – only one may be activated at any given time.

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LMS Fixes

The LMS minigame has been fixed up. The following changes have been applied:

  • Fixed fog moving in way too fast.
  • Fixed lobby timer processing way too fast.
  • Fixed sanfew serums not being drinkable.

NPC Kill count shouter

Players may now shout their kill counts for various NPC’s. Simply type ::kc npcname (e.g. ::kc zulrah) and your KC will be publicly shouted!

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Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Random item drops (e.g. brimstone keys, crystal keys, clue scrolls) now show up with a base value of 100,000 coins in the ground item plugin.
  • Lowered the price of gambler scrolls to 50 points instead of 100.
  • Fixed the clicking slot for the infernal craws bow on the upgrade table.
  • Fixed claiming rewards from collection log not going to bank if inventory was full.
  • Fixed the demonic ruins prayer restore boundary.
  • Fixed donator barrows being accessible by lower ranks than Onyx.
  • There’s now an ironman title available for ironman accounts (any) with 1,500+ total.
  • Fixed vote XP bonus not displaying in quest tab.
  • Skotizo now has a collection log.
  • Barrows pet drops are now globally announced.
  • Dagannoth king rare drops are now globally announced.
  • XP mode titles are now reset when changing XP mode.
  • Fixed clicking offsets for the upgrade altar.
  • Fixed rolling wrath runes in vote mystery box freezing your spin.
  • Party pete jr can now be gambled and traded properly.
  • Fixed an issue with LMS fog being too fast and strong.
  • Moved monster hunt boss slightly at hill giants due to a safe spot.

I hope you will enjoy these updates, and keep playing Avernic!

Best regards,


New upgradeables, Collection log revamp & Fixes!
Tue 19-Jan-2021
Posted by: Ab

Hello everyone,

It is a huge update we have upon us holding lots of interesting changes! We are also working on some new RuneLite plugins as we speak. These will be released sometime during the day tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. Anyway, tonights updates are as follows:

Upgrade Table

The upgrade table has received A LOT of changes and additions. Starting with the changes, they are as follows:

  • Ghostly dharok’s upgrade chance: 50% -> 33%
  • Ring (iw)’s upgrade chance: 33% -> 40%
  • Lucky saradomin godsword: Now only requires Saradomin godsword + Saradomin sword
  • Lucky zamorak godsword: Now only requires Zamorak godsword + Zamorakian spear

New additions:

Drake scythe: Drake’s heart + Staff of Light – 33% chance – No safe items.

The Drake scythe has the combined stats of a staff of light and a tentacle whip with 1 strength bonus less. It hits at the speed of whip when used in melee combat
and has the magic damage boost of the staff of light when used for casting magic spells. It also has a 5% magic accuracy boost. The heart can be received as a rare drop from Drakes.

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Xeric armour: Crystal armour piece, Olm crystal – 33% chance – No safe item.

The Xeric armour is a high-level hybrid armour. The crystal can be received as a drop from Chambers of Xeric.

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3rd age boots: Dragon boots, Infinity boots, 3rd age crystal – 33% chance – No safe item.

The 3rd age boots is a pair of hybrid boots, combining the stats of dragon boots & infinity boots. The 3rd age crystal can be received from killing Third age warriors.

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Infernal craw’s bow: Infernal cape, Craw’s bow, 10,000 revenant ether – 33% chance – No safe item.

The Infernal craw’s bow has the effect of the Craw’s bow but with unlimited charges. It also has an additional 10 ranged strength, making it a very strong weapon for PvMing in the wilderness.

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Avernic spirit shield: Spectral spirit shield, Arcane spirit shield – 50% chance – No safe item.

The Avernic spirit shield is a shield that pays tribute to our name and combines the powers of the Spectral & Arcane sigils.

Master clue scroll casket: 10x easy clue scrolls – 33% chance – No safe item.

A chance to save up easy clues to get a master casket for those going for collection log completion.

Collection Log Update

The collection log has received an overhaul and now has rewards for completing different logs. This brings in a bunch of new items related to the logs. You can also track how many logs you have completed & whether it’s been started, in progress or completed when clicking it. Most logs have standard rewards of mystery boxes, however some have more unique rewards. With this comes a whole new slayer collection log, combining a lot of the usable loot received from slayer monsters. Godwars minions now also count towards their bosses respective collection log & have had their drop rates tweaked. Below follows some examples.

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Drop Table Changes

Players may now toggle between searching for items/searching for NPC’s with the click of a button. This helps finding what specific items are dropped by which NPC’s.

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Donator Barrows

An area for doing barrows has been added for Onyx+ donators. This is just a QoL, not having to dig for each brother. The rest of it is the same. The teleport may be found at the bottom of minigame teleports.

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Chambers of Xeric

Chambers of Xeric has been fixed and the Olm melee hand is now attackable as per usual. The chest not being lootable has also been fixed.

Pathfinding Fixes

Pathfinding in Catacombs & Taverly dungeon is now corrected. NPC’s should no longer get stuck behind “invisible” walls.

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Donator Pets

Tweaked the prices of donator pets. Gave two of the pet effects; shadow critter and undead warrior.

  • The shadow critter gives a 10% damage boost when fighting corp. beast.
  • The undead warrior gives a 5% damage boost when fighting any undead npc.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • The dwarven rock cakes second option is now called ‘1 HP’ and will automatically set your HP to 1.
  • Players can no longer use the overloaded heart in the wilderness.
  • Fixed a possible dupe with pets inside of raids.
  • Your spellbook is now updated with the type of runes you have after leaving FFA.
  • Increased the amount of Tokkul received from completing the Inferno.
  • Players may no longer trade noted amulet of the damned.
  • Reduced prices of items in the LMS shop.
  • Added trading posts to the donator’s zone.
  • Fixed drake bones item name being null.
  • Decreased the amount of time Pestilient Bloat walks before stopping.
  • Fixed autocasting ancients with harmonised nightmare staff.
  • Autocast is now reset when loading a preset to avoid people using it to attack at 4-tick speed with the Harmonized nightmare staff on the ancient spellbook.
  • Nerfed the drop rate of dragon chainbodies and wiped them from the game.
  • When new daily/weekly tasks are available, you will now be notified with a message on login.
  • Dying in a Vorkath instance will no longer make you lose the runes in your rune pouch.
  • Lowered the drop rate of dragonic visage from skeletal wyverns as it was way higher than from other NPC’s.
  • Fixed the custom title scroll; it is now applied by activating a custom title scroll by simply clicking on it. Dragonstone donators or higher still set it via the interface.
  • The prayer restoring effect at demonic ruins has been added to the game. Player will now regain 1 prayer point every 3 seconds whilst at demonic ruins.
  • Diamond bolt special will now properly ignore the opponents defence level.
  • Fixed NPC’s PJing in PvP combat. They will no longer attack anyone who is attacking another player.
  • Fixed LMS being a multi combat zone. Players are no longer able to gang up on each other inside a LMS game.
  • Fixed a visual big with the slayer interface sometimes ticking off things that shouldn’t be.
  • Removed dragonic visage from Bronze Dragons drop table.
  • Increased chance of receiving clue scrolls from woodcutting/mining.
  • Fixed the issue with double donator symbols after reverting from an ironman account.
  • Appropriate magic levels added for the following NPC’s:
  1. — Demonic gorillas
  2. — Abyssal sire
  3. — Kalphite queen
  4. — Lizardman shaman
  5. — King black dragon

I hope you will enjoy these updates, and look forward to tomorrows client update with new runelite features!

Best regards,


ToB re-enabled, XP Changer & Game Fixes!
Mon 18-Jan-2021
Posted by: Ab

Hello everyone,

It is finally time for another update! A lot of much needed and wanted fixes have been applied. The updates are as follows:

XP Changer

The time has come – you may now change your XP mode! Downgrading, as in going to an easier mode, when you are below 1000 total level is free of cost and your stats are kept the same.  There’s a small fee if downgrading when above 1000 total. If upgrading, as in changing to a harder XP mode, there’s a fee of 50M per “step” (e.g. regular -> hard 50M, hard -> extreme 50M). There’s also a loss of roughly 25% additional XP after rate conversions when changing to a harder mode to ensure it’s worth while to select a harder mode from the beginning. You may view your “new” stats after making the transition on the interface as well as the cost. Visit the Wizard of XP at home for more information!

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Last Man Standing

The last man standing minigame has now been fixed and is operational again! Some of the fixes include:

Fixed a death bug causing games to null and no longer be startable.
The PJ timer has been fully fixed.
Players may no longer attack each other before a game started.
Sanfew serums now work as intended.

Theatre of Blood

The theatre of blood has, at last, been fixed and is now operational again. Good luck grinding for the first Scythe of Vitur in-game!

Dragon Hunter Lance

The dragon hunter lace has been updated and now has:

  • Its proper animations.
  • Its proper attack style interface.
  • Its proper attack speed.
  • Its proper effect.

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Royal Seed Pod

The royal seed pod has been added to the game. It allows an unlimited one-click teleport below level 30 wilderness. It can be aquired from:

  • LMS Shop for 100 points.
  • PK Point shop for 200 points.

It’s untradeable and is automatically lost on death. Proceed with caution!

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Duel Arena

Fixed a glitch with the duel arena causing the game to instantly end upon accepting.

Preset Gear

Players who are of the Dragonstone donator rank or higher will now have any drained stats reset when loading a preset.

Slayer Fixes

  • Fixed melee damage being boosted by slayer helmet regardless of killing the NPC on task or not.
  • Fixed the overload heart purchase not using up your imbued, blood & twisted heart.
  • A slight nerf to slayer coin caskets has been applied.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed the Giant Mole achievement diary task.
  • Fixed the mage bank objects not working properly.
  • Fixed the Vesta’s spear not having proper animations.
  • Fixed certain areas being unclipped causing safe spots in some cases and NPC’s to hit through objects in others.
  • Fixed a safe spot at Solak.
  • XP Lamps are now untradeable.
  • Fixed 100% upgrade items had a 1% chance of failing.
  • Fixed purchasing stackables from the skilling token shop only giving you 1×50 instead of the amount bough x50 but still taking your tokens.
  • Nerfed the rare drop rates of clue scrolls.
  • Switching attack styles with a trident of the seas will no longer stop your autocasting and make you hit with melee.
  • Solak armour now has inferior offensive stats as opposed to Morrigan’s armour.
  • The ancient wyvern shield now counts as an anti-dragonfire shield.
  • Added hovers to the Vorkath’s armour to see its effect.
  • Fixed a glitch with the Craw’s bow (u) using the strength of the ammo slot, thus giving high strength bonuses.
  • Fixed the Craw’s bow (u)’s attack interface being off.
  • A wilderness crate may no longer be sold to shops.
  • Fixed a glitch with the amulet of blood fury being duplicated when running out of charges, equipping a fury amulet in the cape slot.
  • Corporeal Beast will now heal himself to full HP if nobody is attacking him, making players unable to venom him to come back later for an easy kill.

I hope you will enjoy these updates, and look forward to more! This update will bring some improvements to combat as well as some new RuneLite plugins – stay tuned for more!

Best regards,


Skilling Exchange, New Emotes & Tons of Fixes!
Fri 15-Jan-2021
Posted by: Ab

Hello everyone,

Today I bring you some updates – yet again! I hope you will enjoy them. They are as follows:

Skilling Exchange

A skilling exchange has been added to the game! Exchange your duplicate skilling outfit pieces for potentially great rewards. With this change, three new pets have been added to the game:

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Herbi – Exchanged at a 50% success rate for a full farmers outfit.

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Red panda – Exchanged at a 50% success rate for a full rogues outfit.

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Red golem – Exchanged at a 50% success rate for a full prospectors outfit.

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Dwarven Rock Cake

The dwarven rock cake has been added to more shops, allowing you to effectively lower your HP. It can be purchased from:

  • The slayer shop for 50 points.
  • The blood money shop for 100 blood money.
  • It is also, since before, available in the PKP shop for 50 pk points.

New Emotes

The smooth dance & Hypermobile drinker emotes have been added to the game! The smooth dance requires an unlock to use. You may either purchase a scroll from the achievement shop for 50 points or from the donator’s shop for 10 points. The scroll is tradeable.

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Skilling Changes

  • Increased chance of receiving prospector pieces when withdrawing paydirt.
  • Nerfed the rate of receiving skilling pieces when doing skills (except for prospector as mentioned above).
  • Fixed the XP boosts of all skilling outfits to be 5% per piece worn.
  • The fancy tiara now gives 10% bonus experience when worn and doing runecrafting.
  • Fixed the magic trees in donator’s zone not being choppable.
  • Manta rays now require 81 fishing to catch.
  • Fixed the catch XP of monkfish being too low.

Slayer Changes

  • Zakl’n Gritch is now considered a lesser demon for slayer tasks.
  • Tstanon Karlak is now considered a greater demon for slayer tasks.
  • Turael no longer gives slayer caskets upon completing a task.
  • Fixed the XP Multiplier for slayer superiors; it was giving way too little XP.

Double raid point scroll

There’s now a double raid point scroll that gives you 2x points in CoX & ToB for 60 minutes. It can be purchased from the donator’s shop for 10 points, or the vote shop for 20 points. It is also a possible reward from the mystery box.

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NPC Changes

  • Hydra’s electrocution attack now only deals damage once then stops if you’re standing inside it.
  • Nerfed the mage defence of barrows NPC’s.
  • Nerfed the mage defence of Dagannoth Rex.
  • Fixed Olm’s shaking not wearing off on the third phase.
  • Fixed alchemical hydras combat stats.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed ground item amounts being duplicated when leaving/entering regions.
  • Fixed a few regions with broken map data/pathing.
  • Fixed the dexterous & arcane prayer scrolls automatically being used upon clicking them.
  • Fixed the scrolling on the donators’ panel interface.
  • Brimstone keys are now dropped underneath the player instead of the NPC.
  • Removed magic logs from rare drop announcements.
  • The imbued blessing now has a +4 prayer bonus, as opposed to its counter parts +1.
  • Fixed a logic issue with splash XP giving more XP than hitting, for example, 1.
  • Fixed HP experience calculations being off for magic spells.
  • Fixed a client crash related to climbing ladders/using shortcuts whilst in combat.
  • Disabled the black mini-map in barrows/puro puro (it’s a RSPS after all).
  • Fixed the HP XP being separated from the mage/defence XP on defensive casting.
  • Players may no longer swap to the harmonised staff to autocast ancients.

I hope you will enjoy these updates! I still need a little more time debugging the discrepencies with Agility. If you would be so kind, record some clips and put them in a ticket and I’ll try to have it resolved in the next update.

Best regards,


LMS Fixes, Ground Items Fixed, Combat Fixes & More!
Wed 13-Jan-2021
Posted by: Ab

Hello everyone,

After some unfortunate down time, an update has been deployed. I hope this will satisfy most of your needs and keep you busy for a while to come. As compensation for the down time, Bonus XP has been enabled for 12 hours. Enjoy. The updates are as follows:

Ground Item Plugin

The ground item plugin is now fully fixed and will render all item names properly. Enjoy!

LMS Fixes

  • The fog has been fixed and will now approach as supposed to.
  • Increased the speed at which the fog approaches the safe zone now due to the low amount of players.
  • Fixed the issue with two games being started at once, causing timers on the two games to overlap.
  • Fixed the PJ timers.
  • Fixed hitpoints not being set properly on game start sometimes.
  • The ::leave command whilst in a LMS lobby now works properly.
  • Fixed an issue with looting chests in LMS games.
  • Fixed an issue with players dying to fog causing nullpointers.
  • Fixed an issue with clipping off the map in LMS.
  • Added LMS wins to live-feed in discord.

Flower Poker

  • Fixed locations where you plant the flowers being off.
  • The chance for drawing a white/black flower is now 1/70.
  • Removed the “Challenge” option being misplaced in the gambling area.

X Logging

Players x-logging and/or disconnecting in combat will now be automatically logged out after 60 seconds. This will fix accounts being stuck online at e.g. sand crabs.

Splashing XP

Players now receive splashing XP when maging NPC’s. Clip recorded on extreme XP mode, no multipliers.

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NPC Delays

Fixed the delay between killing a NPC and being able to kill the next without being rendered still in combat.

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Skilling Outfits

A random chance to receive skilling outfits whilst doing skills has been added:

  • Farming – Whilst picking herbs, you may receive farming outfit pieces.
  • Thieving – Whilst pickpocketing, you may receive rogues pieces.
  • Fishing – Whilst fishing, you may receive angler pieces.
  • Mining – Whilst withdrawing paydirt, you may receive prospector pieces.
  • Woodcutting – Whilst chopping trees, you may receive lumberjack pieces.
  • Firemaking – Whilst lighting fires, you may receive pyromancer clothing.

Other Fixes & Changes

  • The bloody key is now dropped upon death.
  • Fixed the safe spots inside of fight caves.
  • Removed dragon longswords from drop announcements.
  • Fixed some more discord messages formatting.
  • Fixed party pete jr’s item name being rendered as party hat set.
  • Fix to Manta ray/Sea turtle fishing spot not working.
  • Fixed expired achievements not clearing/resetting upon relogging.
  • Achievement points are now saved on your account properly.
  • Your slayer reward points are now updated when opening the slayer shop.
  • Fixed combat stats of zamorak boss & minions.
  • Fixed combat stats of Cerberus.
  • Fixed combat stats of Skotizo.
  • Touch-ups to the positioning of side icons on the old gameframe.
  • Fix to the first tab in the bank interface moving when clicked.
  • Lowered price of overloads in blood money shop from 100 -> 50.
  • Added the floating cape to the donator’s shop at 300 points for a way to aquire it.
  • If you’re on defensive mode, you will now get defence XP when casting spells.

  • The proper experience in your counter is now set & sent upon login.
  • Fixed a client crashing issue.
  • Added two shortcuts to catacombs; Nechs -> Jellies and Cyclops -> Ankous.
  • Third phase of Olm no longer shakes whilst crystals fall, only in between rounds.
  • Touch-ups to fishing delays causing you to stop fishing when spam clicking a fishing spot.

I hope you will enjoy, and again, sorry about the downtime.

Best regards,


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