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Hello everyone, It is time for another update. Today we bring you a few fixes, a new RuneLite plugin and some more goods. I would also like to remind you all to check out this event that will last for the entirety of this weekend. Collect points by getting boss drops and get great rewards! […]

Hello everyone, Finally, we have reached another update. This one is quite juicy and I hope most of you will appreciate the effort that has been put into it. In addition to the updates, Bonus Play is now enabled for the entirety of the weekend. A halloween sale is also going live. Use the code […]

Hello everyone, Today, we bring you yet another update! They are as follows: Make X Interface The OSRS make X interface has been added to the game. It’s currently added to fletching and cooking but will be added to more actions further down the line. This is to speed up skilling for you in a […]

Hello everyone! It’s finally time for another update, adressing many economical aspects of the game and QoL fixes that you’ve been requesting. In an update later this week, we will be releasing the OSRS Make X/5/10/All interfaces for skilling actions and some more goodies – stay tuned for that! Anyway, the updates are as follows: […]

Hello everyone, Today I bring forth an update adressing some much-needed fixes and game-additions. They are as follows: Tournament Changes Tournaments now run every 3 hours BUT they can be force-started via the Well of Goodwill by adding 50M coins. If one is started with, say, one hour remaining, the next one after that will […]

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