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Hello everyone! Today, there will be some downtime with the update. The reason being that we’re performing an OS re-install on the dedicated machine the server runs on. This can take a few hours. Meanwhile, enjoy reading this update log which will go live as soon as the machine is ready again! Imbued Blessing Players […]

Sat 19-Sep-2020

Hello everyone! Some small updates going live, adressing important fixes & some useful game additions that you have been requested. Barrage & Chinning XP drops Barraging and chinning NPC’s will now only provide you with proper XP drops for the total damage dealt (I am set to combat hits XP drops, that’s why XP is […]

Hello everyone! Another day, another update! Lovely! Bonus play has been shoved on for the entire weekend so hop on and make your gains! Xarpus The final theatre of blood boss is here, Xarpus! Watch out for his acid spit and don’t let the acid heal him! For each heal that gets to him, his […]

Hello everyone. Today, I bring you a smaller yet important update that adress some issues we’ve been facing as of late. Let’s hope it’s satisfying enough for you! Updated launcher The launcher has received an update. You can download the new launcher by visiting the download page. If you already have the old launcher it […]

Hello everyone! After a rough day(s) of attacks and hosting issues, we are finally up and running at full speed again. Thanks for your patience – I will reward you with these updates: XP Drops Performing actions such as cleaning herbs & creating darts/bolts will no longer stack up XP drops. It will only send […]

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